Maintain your home with our home inspection tips for first-time buyers in Oshawa, ON.

Home Inspection Tips for First-Time Buyers in Oshawa, ON

Homeowners who take the time to complete some simple jobs in the winter can reduce or eliminate costly repairs down the road. Our home inspection tips for first-time buyers in Oshawa, ON, will help contribute to your comfort and energy efficiency while reducing future home repairs. Contact our registered home inspectors for more information about how you can maintain your house. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Monitor basement humidity and avoid low relative humidity levels. Use a humidifier to maintain safe, relative humidity.
2. Examine your attic for frost accumulation. Check your roof for ice dams or icicles.
3. Vacuum your fire and smoke detectors since dust or spiderwebs can prevent them from functioning.
4. Check electrical cords, plugs, and outlets for all indoor and outdoor seasonal lights to ensure fire safety. If worn or the plugs or cords feel warm to the touch, replace them immediately.
5. Clean your humidifier two or three times during the winter season.
6. Examine windows and doors for ice accumulation or cold air leaks. If any problems are found, make a note to repair or replace the windows or doors in the spring.
7. For more useful tips, visit Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.